Top Twenty Wanted Movies

  1. Black Fantasy (Lionel Rogosin, 1972, USA)
  2. You'll Never Get Away (Alan Smithee, 1971, USA)
  3. Fable, A / The Slave (Al Freeman Jr, USA, 1972)
  4. Heartbeat In The Brain (Amanda Fielding, UK, 1970)
  5. Troika (Frederic Hobbs & Gordon Mueller, 1969, USA, Emerson)
  6. Pubertinaje (José Antonio Alcaraz, Pablo Leder & Luis Urias, 1971, Mexico, Producciones Viskin)
  7. Boob Tube Strikes Again / The Coming Of Seymour / Fabulous Fanny (Lee Frost, 1977)
  8. Superior Toys - Made In The USA / Feine Spielwaren - Made In USA (Guenter Raetz, 1969)
  9. United Family Awaits The Visit Of Hallewyn, The / Familia unida esperando la llegada de Hallewyn, La / Familia unida que espera la llegada de Halloween (Miguel Bejo, 1972, Argentina)
  10. Hangup / Super Dude / Hang Up (Henry Hathaway 1974, Warner Bros)
  11. Adolf und Marlene / Der Mann vom Obersalzberg / Adolf and Marlene (Ulli Lommel, West Germany, 1976)
  12. Day The Clown Cried, The (Jerry Lewis, USA)
  13. Never The Twain (Brad Grinter / Brad F. Grinter, 1974, USA)
  14. Richard (Harry Hurwitz & Lorees Yerby, 1972)
  15. Faking Of The President, The (Alan & Jeanne Abel, 1976)
  16. Super-Jocks, The / High Stakes / Winners, The / My Way (Emil Nofal, 1980)
  17. Sweet Hunters / Ternos Caçadores / Jailbird / Tendres Chasseurs / Dulces cazadores (Ruy Guerra, 1969, Brazil, English Only)
  18. Get Rollin' (J. Terrance Mitchell, 1980, USA)
  19. You've Got To Walk It Like You Talk It Or You'll Lose That Beat (Peter Locke, 1971)

TV Shows Wanted

Other Videos Wanted

†SHORTY THE PIMP starred a model-turned-actor Julius Richmond. It was produced by Associated Color Enterprises but was not distributed because they lost their distribution deals with several companies. Also, Richmond was in some drug trouble down in Tijuana.
The plot of the movie is convoluted, mostly involving Don Julian and the Meadowlarks (who did the soundtrack). They play a band called the Blue Famingos. Shorty and some of his buddies get tangled up with a rival gang over the management of the band.

††I'm talking about the original version of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT III in which Jackie Gleason played both Smokey and The Bandit!