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Mike White btches in this "film" about how Tarantino stole from City on Fire. But in this "film", White doesn't have a frame of original material. Even in documentaries about other films something is usually shot independently. This is blatant plagerism, using unliscenced footage from not one but 2 films. So as bad as White thinks Tarantino is, he's 10 times worse. PWNED! - VonCouch

Tarantino's adaptation (even if it goes uncredited) is nothing but a compliment to Ringo Lam. Reservoir Dogs is an original work, while most might watch city on fire, or possibly the documentary "who do you think you're fooling" (A film made by a University of Minnesota film student with the arogance to actually pursue an investigation into the topic) and consider themselves an authority on what Tarantino was thinking. - Anon

I'm not claiming Tarantino wasn't influenced by other directors. I just think it's a pretty dubious assumption to say he'd even heard of City On Fire while creating Reservoir Dogs. - Greg Gioia

Some people are turned off by Tarantino, saying that he's doing nothing more than taking from other films and areas of pop culture. There was even a even a short film made by filmmaker Mike White tiled "Who Do You Think You're Fooling" where he charges Tarantino with directly copying a 1987 Hong Kong film titled "City On Fire" when he made "Reservoir Dogs." White then made a second short film titled "You're Still Not Fooling Anyone," where he charges Tarantino with taking from various films to make "Pulp Fiction." To me, these reports seem to be coming from some hack who is jealous. - Josh Gilchrist


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