I Can't Go On Living A Lie Aftermath
Everytime I think I'm out... something new happens to remind me of my brief infamy. This will be the page to look at if you're thirsty for updates to the Tale Of The Tape. For now, check these out:
Press Clippings: (all files are PDFs)
Village Voice 8.25.94
The Job Bob Report 3.6.95
Variety 3.6.95
Variety 3.13.95
NY Post 3.15.95
NY Daily News 3.16.95
USA Today 3.16.95
L.A. Weekly 3.17.95

A Few Places where WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE FOOLING has played:
Chicago Underground Film Festival
New York Underground Film Festival
Central Florida Film & Video Festival
Atlanta Film & Video Festival
Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival
Utah Film & Video Festival
Ann Arbor Film Co-Op
Short Attention Span Film Festival
Iowa Film & Video Festival

You're Still Not Fooling Anyone!
Press Release - A Parody
Attention: Enemy - Words from the NYUFF boys
Review - By Clifton Howard

Tarantino-Related Articles:
Tarantino In A Can - The Bathroom in QT's oeuvre
Photo-Op - Tarantino on Location
Miramax Strong-Arms Chicago Film Festival
What The Heck's A Cinemart? - Review of From Dusk Till Dawn
Reservoir Frogs - By Robin Bougie

Other Neat-O Links:
Roger Avary's Domain
Mr. Brown's Movie Reviews

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